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Personalize your car with custom forged wheels to combine aesthetics and performance. Fill in the information above to tell us the measurements and the look you want.

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Custom rims to customize, create your own unique rims.

The price includes the set of 4 custom rims with home delivery. The shipping is done from France no additional tax has to pay in the European Union.

In a world where customization is becoming essential for everyone to individualize their product and make it unique, we decide today the customization of your rims from A to Z. You have the power to create your own product by choosing the aesthetic and performance aspects through the colors, shapes and values you want. So that your rims define and identify your driving style.

DynoTec-Parts is a company of the dynoTec Group group, whose goal is to push the car customization to the maximum by seeking to improve the aesthetics and the car performance by a customization always more personal and tailored. In the customization of rims we take care to keep the manufacturer's sizes of each car. In this sense we only ask you: Make, Model and Year of your vehicle. Then you have to choose the type of rims, the size and the color that will show you the final price.

In terms of manufacturing, we use the best raw materials to obtain a product of quality and exception. Your rims will be made from6061 aluminum, which is an alloy generally used in the aeronautics industry since it offers very good deformation capabilities, good weldability and high corrosion resistance. By using this material, these forged wheels match and exceed the quality of materials used by the best OEM car manufacturers.

Following your request, our engineers will study the possibility of creating your model in order to guarantee the adaptation on your vehicle and its safety. After validation, we begin the manufacturing process. The forged part in its raw state is then milled inside and outside to roughly make your rims in a first step. Following this step, the part is reworked with a precision milling machine to realize the design of the rim. At the same time, the rims are worked on to reduce their weight to obtain a light and competitive product while ensuring safety. Finally, a quality control is carried out with care, analyzing the rims to guarantee the product while respecting certain regulatory aspects.

Treat yourself to an exceptional piece.


You can ask for specific sizes and different from the original ones.

For this, once the order is placed, send us an e-mail to


Manufacturing time and progress :

  • Design and computer prototyping: 10 days

    • Creation of designs and computer visuals
    • Realization of the computer resistance tests
    • Sending a validation file for confirmation (dimension, design, size, color and final weight)
  • Manufacturing and machining : 20 days
  • Painting : 5 days
  • Transport : 15 days


Our achievements :

Tesla Model 3 Performance - 20 inches :

Lot de 4 jantes 20

Model 3 Performance - 20 inches :

Jantes Competition Leggera pour Tesla Model 3 et Tesla Model Y


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